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We can teach a content in a certain way using a certain technology - a 3-dimensional relationship of technology, pedagogy and content.

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Technogogy has been featured as one of the topics at the forthcoming 2nd International Conference of e-Learning in UiTM, Malaysia in December.

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Enter a Fourth Dimension - The Learner Axis

The content-axis in the 3D relationship was a cause of confusion as I have received many comments that the learner focussed content axis was not definitive. As a result I have separated the learner from the content such that the learner becomes an independent variable. We now have a 4D technogogy model, one that allow the 3D-TCP to 'slide' along on the learner-axis in the creation of the appropriate learning objects.


In 2005 Koehler and Mishra presented the pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) and the technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPCK) in a 2-dimensional Venn Diagram - arguing that true technology integration, is understanding and negotiating the relationships between these three components of knowledge.

The 2-dimensional representation was bothering me as it was only able to show a relationship, no more than that. Then the answer was staring at me in the face; we can actually teach a certain content in a certain way using a certain technology. It was in effect a 3-dimensional relationship of technology, pedagogy and content.

TECHNOGOGY is then defined as the convergence of technology, pedagogy and content (learner focused) in the transformative use of technology to foster learning. The three-dimensional perspective will give rise to the depth and volume in the creation of learning objects. The different points seen in the 'cube' are different learning objects based on the deliberations of technology, pedagogy and content.

Where is this leading to, one may ask? Ultimately, based on technogogy, a student can enter a site and be administered an interactive learning style self-assessment and subsequently be led to a sector where appropriate learning resources/objects (based on the student's style and preferences) awaits.

Are we able to do this? Then we are moving towards individualised learning and personalisation. Then on, we can create a 'directory' of learning objects. So, we have moved from a simple learning object to a repository to a directory. So, colleagues, can we think about applying this concept and perhaps we can publish together or among us, and perhaps go beyond technogogy.

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I would like to draw your attention to what they have mentioned (ref: Handbook of TPCK for Educators). Koehler & Mishra (2008:16) defined Technology, Content, Knowledge (TCK) as " an understanding of the manner in which technology and content influence and constraint one another. Teachers need to master more than the subject matter they teach, they must also have a deep understanding of the manner in which the subject matter can be changed by the application of technology. Teachers need to… Continue

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case from Becta

Back in 2004, a report was published by Becta ( Anyone could simply download and read it. Anyhow, have we learned anything from this? If we could articulate in our own words (for Malaysian context or any other part of the world who wish to have their own conceptualization of technology+pedagogy+content), of what technogogy is, I don’t think it is as simple as we think it is. It is terribly danger not to be clear of the spectrums that lay… Continue

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